Friday, October 25, 2013

Justice League #24

   I really don't care at all for the whole Forever Evil storyline, which breaks down to the simple concept of: the bad guys win.

   And of course, these bad guys - the Crime Syndicate (the evil, Earth-3 version of the Justice League) - are the worst of the worst. Mass murderers, they kill without remorse, destroy without concern - in short, they have no motivation, no redeeming quality, not even a compelling reason to be the way they are. They're just monsters.

   As a result, they're not very interesting at all.

   Writer Geoff Johns gives it a good shot, providing an origin of sorts for Ultraman, but he's still just destructive and dull.

   We're treated to scenes such as Ultraman smashing into the Daily Planet, where he inflicts a terrible punishment on Jimmy Olsen - what I call a comic book injury. In the real world, Jimmy would be permanently crippled by this, but in the comics, he'll bounce back in no time.

   The only redeeming quality of this comic is the terrific art by Ivan Reis.

   Otherwise this is just another loud, obnoxious comic, loaded with casual death and devastation, and little else. An attempt at an "adult" comic that fails across the board.

   Save your four bucks for something better.

Grade: C



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