Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aquaman #24

   Aquaman apparently managed to sit out the whole Forever Evil storyline by the simple expedient of being in a coma for six months.

   He awakens to numerous changes in the status quo - a new ruler in Atlantis, his beloved Mera missing, and the criminal Vulko protecting him.

   Writer Geoff Johns uses this lull in the action to give us all a history lesson - the "true" story behind Atlantis and how it fell. It's a tale of hatred, revenge, rascism and quite a few surprises.

   Artist Paul Pelletier (with inker Sean Parsons) shows that he belongs among the upper tier of DC's artists - his work demonstrates powerful layouts, lush environments, distinct characters and cataclysmic destruction.

   Aquaman continues to be one of the best of the "New 52," perhaps because it keeps its story clear, surprising and fresh.

   It's great to see this venerable character getting treated so well by some of DC's top creative talents.

Grade: A-


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