Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Indestructible Hulk #14

   LIke his work on Daredevil, writer Mark Waid has crafted the Indestructible Hulk into a clever, idea-filled comic that keeps rolling along in unexpected directions.

   He's placed the Hulk and Bruce Banner in the service of SHIELD, tackling the cases most agents would never survive.

   The latest adventure sends him traveling through time, attempting to stop a group of terrorists who plan to change the course of history - including the Hulk's personal history.

   It's a fun mix of incarnations of the Hulk from different time periods, pitted against familiar foes who've also traveled through time.

   It's all over the top and a bit wonky, but it all rockets along to an unexpected twist.

   My only complaint with the issue is the odd mix of artists - Mahmud Asrar kicks the issue off with a solid five pages, but the rest of the issue by Kim Jacinto seems to be very rough around the edges. The styles don't mesh at all.

   But the story makes up for any other problems, as Waid mixes new and old elements and whips up a fresh tale that makes the most of its wild premise. He's made the Hulk another comic to watch.

Grade: B+


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