Monday, October 28, 2013

Conan: People of the Black Circle #1

   I'm not sure why I find myself feeling indifferent about this issue of the Conan mini-series based on the Robert E. Howard story, The People of the Black Circle.

   I've always liked the original story, as Conan finds himself pitted against a powerful group of sorcerers. He's caught between a beautiful woman (the sister of the king) and the forces that seek to destroy her country. Writer Fred Van Lente does a fine job of adapting the story.

   The art is excellent, as Ariel Olivetti provides lush, moody painted artwork that fits the story perfectly. And there's a splash page of Conan that should be a poster.
   I think the problem is just that this part of the story is pretty thin. We see the King of Vendhya die horribly because of an evil spell. We see his sister seek revenge, and we meet the leader of the hill tribes - Conan. And that's about it.

   Trust me, next issue should get the story crackling along - but the art is the only outstanding thing about this issue, and that's not quite enough.

Grade: B-



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