Monday, September 2, 2013

Thor God of Thunder #12

   After the interminable "Godbomb" story, this issue of Thor God of Thunder arrives like a breath of fresh air.

   It's a "done in one" story that gives us a breather from endless storylines and all the sturm and drang of cosmic battles between gods and demons.

   Instead, we get a glimpse at the answer to the question: why is Thor so fond of the Earth?

   The issue is a series of vignettes of the Thunder God visiting friends, fulfilling wishes, helping the needy, checking in with old friends and fighting for the good guys.

   To say more would spoil the fun, but it's a well-crafted issue by writer Jason Aaron - though I could do without what's become standard treatment for supporting characters.

   The art is by Nic Klein, whose work I don't remember seeing before, but it's a solid effort  here - some very nice character work, and a splash panel that would make a dandy poster.

   I'd be all for more stories like this and less of the previous 11 issues.

Grade: A-



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Anonymous said...

The previous 11 issues had gorgeous art, amazing...but wow, it should have been told in 2 or 3 issues! As a result I skipped this issue and don't think I'll pick it back up. Sad.