Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Overtaken #1

   I've really been enjoying Aspen's "10 for 10" promotion, offering a variety of new titles for a great price - $1.

   But Overtaken is a bit of a tough sell, because it's all setup - and it doesn't always make much sense.

   The story starts off with an examination of two strange alien races - one red and one blue - as they battle to the death. We never really understand what they have to do with the rest of the issue.

   Then the story jumps to modern-day Earth, as a young couple - Will and Jesse Harden - settle into their new life in a rural town named Turtle Creek. It's all very idyllic, right out of a TV sitcom - until something unusual happens.

   It's all apparently leading into some kind of science fiction-based adventure, but we really don't get much to work with here - luckily, at these prices, it's a good bet that future issues will give the reader a bit more to chew on.

Grade: C+


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