Friday, September 13, 2013

Kings Watch #1

   Anytime the Phantom shows up in comics, I try to be there - and the deal for the mysteriously-titled Kings Watch was sweetened by the inclusion of Flash Gordon and Mandrake.

   And while this introduction is a bit vague about details, it seems that we're meeting these heroes (and members of their supporting cast) early in their careers - at least Flash seems to be just starting out.

   A mysterious threat is menacing the world, and each hero is investigating on his own turf - leading to a powerful action sequence with the Phantom facing a monstrous menace.

   The story is by Jeff Parker, and while it's too early to make a final decision, it's a solid start and a good introduction for the cast.

   The art is by Marc Laming, and it's quite good, with strong designs for each character and clear storytelling.

   Lots of us remember these characters from the Defenders of the Earth cartoon, and it's good to see the band getting back together again, taking on their old job.

   A good start - let's hope for more of the same.

Grade: B+




Glen Davis said...

Pretty good, but to be honest, I thought Mandrake got the short end of the stick here.

Chuck said...

I agree, Glen - hopefully he'll get more "air time" in upcoming issues.