Saturday, September 14, 2013

Captain America #11

   Just as we all have our opinions about the best artists, we can also agree to disagree about which writers are the best.

   There are a few creators in both categories whose work I just don't seem to connect with, and with this issue of Captain America, I've decided one of those writers is Rick Rememder.

   After suffering through the interminable "Dimension Z" story that staggered along for almost a year and accomplished nothing (aside from torturing Cap and killing a terrific character), I was ready to give up on this series.

   I decided to give it one more issue to see if anything was resolved, if mistakes were corrected.


   Instead we get an issue about Cap recovering from his nearly-fatal wounds, we see him refuse any counseling as he copes with having just suffered 10 years of hell (a great example for young readers - real men don't use therapy, kids).

   Even worse, we see him destroy priceless personal artifacts to make a superficial point. Does Remender realize how most comics readers feel about their collections?

   Like the previous 10 issues, the art is quite good - this time provided by Carlos Pacheco and Klaus Janson - but that's not enough to keep me coming back.

   I've been buying Cap's comics since he returned to the Marvel Universe in the '60s - but this past year has just been painful. As difficult as it may be, it's time for me to take a break until a new writer signs on. I'll miss him - in many ways Cap is my favorite hero. But I just don't see much of the hero I've admired in these pages anymore.

Grade: D+


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Tom Floyd said...

nice to know i am not alone!!