Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Review - Lazarus #1

   Stepping into the Guest Writer spot for the first time (with more reviews on the way) is David Wright with a look at Lazarus:

   Lazarus is a comic by writer Greg Rucka and artist Michael Lark. It is the beginning of an interesting SF comic.  

   It's set in a futuristic world where society has broken down into several kingdoms (more or less) ruled over, not by the government anymore, but by wealthy families. The rest of the world's population is depicted as a dystopian ghetto known as the waste.

   Each  family has their own protector, which are scientifically created, known as a Lazarus. Forever Carlyle (the female on the cover) is the protector for the Carlyle family.  

   The Lazarus is similar to the Marvel character, Wolverine, in that they are hard to kill, have a fast healing factor,  and are more fit and powerful than normal people. This is about all we know by the first issue.

   It opens as a group is breaking into one of the Carlyle warehouses to steal supplies, and Forever is dispatched to take care of the situation. The action is fast and we quickly learn how deadly and brutal this world can be.  

   In the first issue we also meet some of the Carlyle family, and find out they are quite a dysfunctional family. It gives you just enough information to hook you to pick up another issue, and a glimpse of things to come.  

   What also I thought was interesting about the first issue was that Rucka gives you some of his impetus and thoughts on how he came to write the comic.  

   The art by Lark was great, the story was tense. It certainly made me want to know more about this world.

Grade: A


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