Monday, September 16, 2013

Executive Assistant Iris #5

   A revenge story can be fun, and this issue brings a finale - and some sweet revenge - to "The Executive Extinction" story.

   It's a team of Executive Assistants (a group of beautiful women trained to be guards and / or assassins) working together - mostly - to track down the man who murdered their friends.

   But the road to revenge isn't easy, and they'll have to form an uneasy team, invade a fortress and survive a final, brutal confrontation.

   The story by David Wohl ties the story together in a grim bow, though the story seems abbreviated somehow - like the setup was more important than the conclusion.

   Even the art by Siya Oum seems rushed. It's technically solid, but the figures are stiff (and sometimes simplified), and the backgrounds are (with a few exceptions) pretty basic.

   But it wraps up the story well and sets up the next series of Executive Assistant stories.

   So if you enjoy spy-genre action and adventure that includes beautiful women, this series is worth a look. 

Grade: B-


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