Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #1

I'm very happy to see Tom Strong return, even if Alan Moore isn't handling the writing chores (happily, co-creator Chris Sprouse is handling the art chores).

The issue kicks off at a dead run, as a medical emergency hits home: Tom's daughter Tesla is pregnant and having severe problems - which one might expect when a mortal woman marries a volcanic prince.

Tesla is tough, but her life - and her baby's - hangs in the balance. It's up to Tom to devise an answer - one that will involve some old friends and a classic (and clever) comic book device.

Writer Peter Hogan devises a story here that will please long-time fans and keeps readers coming back for more. New readers may find it a bit tougher to follow, because none of the characters are introduced, and we only get the briefest glimpse of Tom's origin.

But you don't really need much intro - the characters are such solid pulp / science fiction constructs that it's easy to sort things out as you go.

The issue's biggest surprise is that it's lumped into the Vertigo family of comics. I'm not sure if that's because the series is creator-owned or if it's because it actually features intelligent writing, but it seems an odd choice for a comic that's (as near as I can tell) an all-ages series (would that more were like it).

So, terrific art, a great story, wonderful characters - in a just universe, this comic would be a hit!

Grade: A-


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