Friday, August 16, 2013

Saga #13

We're certainly happy to see Saga return from its self-imposed exile, as we pick back up with the sprawling story of a new family and their flight across the galaxy.

It's actually a rather quiet issue, with the net continuing to close around Marko and Alana and their daughter - the star of the series.

At this point she's not much of a star - her only action is to fill her diapers and be lovable - but we watch anxiously as danger threatens her loved ones.

We also check in with the mercenary know as "The Will" - he seems to be starting a new family.

And that's about it. As always, the writing by Brian K. Vaughn is terrific, and the artwork by Fiona Staples is stunning - lush and vivid with lots of great character deigns.

Throw in lots of unexpected events and you have another strong comic in this series.

Good stuff!

Grade; B+


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