Thursday, August 15, 2013

Infinity #1 (of 6)

You have to give it to Thanos - he's had a heck of a year.

Beginning with his guest appearance during the credits of The Avengers movie, he's enjoyed a resurgence. He's appeared in numerous reprints, the initial Avengers Assemble comic, and now he's the star of the latest event comic, Infinity.

This six-issue mini-series crosses over into the regular Avengers title and the New Avengers, so it's safe to say that writer Jonathan Hickman has a real challenge ahead.

But Thanos isn't the only menace in this issue, as an even older (and possibly more powerful) cosmic menace arises to threaten the galaxy.

So we have a huge battle looming, and a story that will weave through the main Avengers titles for months.

This issue gets it off to a powerful start, as it introduces the players, demonstrates why both menaces are to be feared, and shows us that Black Bolt is not to be trifled with.

With terrific art by Jim Cheung (with inks by Mark Morales, John Livesay, Davis Meikis and Cheung), the series is in great hands. Cheung delivers fantastic cosmic landscapes, dynamic hero (and villain) designs and sizzling action sequences.

It's the kind of big cosmic challenge that we'd expect to see from, say, Jim Starlin - the writer / artist who created Thanos. (Hopefully he's enjoying the return of his most famous villain.)

The issue may be a bit much for tiny readers (both in terms of violence and the scope of the tale), but mature readers will love it.

Can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Grade: A


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Anonymous said...

While you have to read Avengers and New Avengers previously to understand where this comic is going, it's a great continuation of the story. Hickman rarely disappoints...