Saturday, August 10, 2013

Avengers A.I. #2

I'm having trouble putting my finger on why this Avengers: A.I. series isn't working for me.

Perhaps it's because the focus is entirely on a new Artificial Intelligence menace so close on the heels of Age of Ultron.

Perhaps it's because we aren't seeing any characters we can root for - Hank Pym is virtually the only hero (who's human) involved, and all the others are either cyphers or comic relief.

Perhaps it's because the menace is a well-worn science fiction trope - an A.I. that turns all machinery against humanity (Terminator, anyone?).

Perhaps it's the widespread destruction in Washington, DC that's hard to watch in these days of terrorist attacks.

Perhaps it's because the art is uneven - some scenes are dynamic, but some of the faces are just a bit too cartoony.

Or maybe it's all of the above. The team is gathered, the menace is revealed, but so far, it's just an ok comic.

Hopefully it'll all come together as this initial story spools out - but that seems to be a thin hope at best.

Grade: C+


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