Sunday, August 11, 2013

All-New X-Men #15

One of the sillier tropes that Marvel fell into when the Silver Age kicked into gear was an overdose of the soap opera angle - so you'd have more than one hero all in love with the same woman.

The strangest version of that had Professor Xavier, in a single, never-to-be-repeated thought balloon admitting that he was in love with Jean (Marvel Girl) Grey - just like Scott (Cyclops) Summers (who spent years wishing he had the nerve to tell her) and Warren (Angel) Worthington III, who chased her unsuccessfully for years.

Thankfully, Stan Lee must have realized that the Prof. X thing was terribly inappropriate and dropped it.

Which brings us to this issue, where we find out that yet another member of the team had a crush on Ms. Grey. The cover kind of gives it away.

It just seems silly and out of left field, and further muddies the whole time-travel tale. We wonder, how long will this last? Will it alter the present, if Jean falls in love with someone other than Scott? What about their kids? Is Cable fading away in a photo somewhere?

I find that the longer the original team is in the present, the less I like them. Instead of being one of Marvel's premiere teams, they've become a bunch of teens who seem out of their league and floundering in the present.

It all leaves me hoping this storyline wraps up soon - but that's probably asking too much.

Grade: B-


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