Friday, July 26, 2013

New Avengers #8

It's true that no one currently working in comics (that I can think of) does cosmic as well as writer Jonathan Hickman.

But it looks like he's about to run into a classic roadblock - namely, the dreaded event crossover.

He's been building a world-shattering series in New Avengers about alternate realities colliding, forcing the team to make some difficult, life-and-death decisions on a grand scale.

But now, just as that story is heating up (as are tensions between the Black Panther and Namor - Game of Thrones has nothing on these two), here's the latest event - Infinity - to draw attention and amp up the tension.

But I'm not at all worried about the disruption, because Hickman is also writing that series.

Gripes aside, this issue gets the series off to a tantalizing, exciting start, as key members of the New Avengers find themselves confronted by some mysterious emissaries from who-knows-where.

It's fresh, it's fun, and so far - it's not to be missed.

Grade: A-


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