Thursday, July 25, 2013

Justice League Dark #22

One of the oldest tricks in the "comic book event" playbook is to thread the story through several different issues, forcing the reader to buy comics he or she wouldn't pick up otherwise.

I generally don't fall for that sort of thing as a general rule - I just keep buying the same titles I usually buy and sort out the story as best I can.

I made an exception with this issue of Justice League Dark for a couple of reasons: the title misses making my regular purchase list by a thin margin; and this event actually looks like it might be worth following - at least through the Justice League titles (I wouldn't buy another issue of this version of Phantom Stranger on a bet).

Thankfully, the issue (written by Jeff LeMire) is a lot of fun, as it mixes and matches the heroes from all three Justice League teams. It's sort of a different take on the classic "bring teams together and break them up into groups to fight the bad guy" routine that was a staple of the original Justice League comics.

The art by Mikel Janin is quite good, as he manages a small army of heroes and keeps them all distinct and the action clear.

This event continues to pick up steam, after a weak start in the first chapter. Now we have Superman struggling to solve the mystery behind his actions, the search for the mysterious woman known as Pandora, and the machinations of a mysterious villain.

So far, so good.

Grade: B+


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