Thursday, July 18, 2013

Justice League of America #6

For the second chapter of the Trinity War, I'm happy to report that the story is starting to make more sense.

It starts out with the "real" Justice League fighting the government-assembled Justice League of America - but the fight doesn't last too long.

The battle started in the last issue of Justice League, and included a shocking event as Superman (apparently) killed a member of the JLA.

And that's the mystery at the heart of the story. Obviously Superman didn't do this intentionally - but what was the cause? Was it mystic - perhaps related to his encounter with Pandora's Box? Or was it based in science, or some kind of plot? And who is the mysterious villain known as the Outsider?

It makes for an much more interesting tale than the first chapter, so kudos to Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire for turning this around (so far) after a rough start.

I'm also glad to see Doug Mahnke providing the art - he has a dynamic, powerful style that's well suited to this mob of characters.

So, the Trinity War score is even at 1-to-1 (good story versus weak). Let's hope the upward trend continues.

Grade: B+


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