Saturday, July 20, 2013

Guest Review - Dark Nights #1

Today's Guest Review is courtesy of Glen Davis, who gives us a look at a new title featuring some classic pulp characters:

Dynamite is having success with its pulp properties, and what is more natural than to team them up?

Michael Uslan writes the first issue of Dark Nights in a style similar to the one Roy Thomas used on the seminal All Star Squadron series back in the '80s, rife with historical figures and liberal use of end notes.

The story starts at the tail end of WWI. The Shadow, then known as the spy, Dark Eagle, is returning to the United States after a successful assignment in Russia. He's obtained the girasol.

Then we jump ahead in time to the late 1930s. President Roosevelt wants Britt Reid (The Green Hornet) and Lamont Cranston to work together to foil a plot with tentacles in Detroit and New York. It seems that Margo Lane and Lenore Case have a troubled history together.

A good start to a tantalizing series.

Grade: B+


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