Sunday, July 7, 2013

Guest Review: Captain Midnight #0

Back with another guest review is Glen Davis, with a look at another World War II-based hero who's back in action.

Captain Midnight was a originally the hero of a radio show, where he was a World War II character famous for a raid at the stroke of midnight. 

Later, he was referred to as the one of America's great inventors.

Captain Midnight's radio show enjoyed a great deal of success, and the character also headlined a movie serial and a television show. 

In the comics, Captain Midnight started with Dell, but soon moved to Fawcett, where he starred in his own title, and appeared in anthologies.

Moonstone revived the character recently, in its Airfighters series, with a nice series of short stories written by Christopher Mills.

In Dark Horse's revival, Captain Midnight's plane flies out of a cloud in the Bermuda Triangle. He gets out of his plane, flies with his glider wings, and forces a fighter jet to land on an aircraft carrier, where he is eventually imprisoned in the brig, but escapes almost instantly. Federal agents and Ivana Shark, descendant of Midnight's main villain, Fury Shark, pursue him, and the remnants of Midnight's Secret Squadron seek to help him.

A collection of three short feature in Dark Horse Presents gets right to the action, with a refreshing lack of self doubt and self pity. I really hope the villain Xog, King of Saturn appears soon.

Grade: A-  


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