Monday, July 8, 2013

Catalyst Comix #1

I have to admit that I bought this comic on impulse - the Catalyst Comix title was interesting and the cover art by Rafael Grampa caught my eye.

I didn't even realize it was a revival of several of the 1990s-era characters from Dark Horse's short-lived "World's Greatest Comics" line.

The issue includes three different features, all written by Joe Casey and drawn by new talents.

The opening story features the Superman-like Frank Wells (originally known as Titan). He's up against a mind-boggling, city destroying power that may just be impossible to stop. The art is by Dan McDaid, and it's a bit rough but very intense and raw - it reminds me of Stephen Bissette's work.

The second story is a trippy science fiction adventure with Amazing Grace, a woman with incredible skills. The equally-trippy art is by Paul Maybury, and it's solid work.

The third story focuses on the gathering of the team called Agents of Change, as a mysterious figure tries to persuade the group to get back together. It's an odd bit of business that doesn't seem to fit the other two tales (actually, none of them seem to be connected, although they all take place in the same "world"). The art is by Ulises Farinas, whose detailed work seems to be inspired by Geoff Darrow.

Overall, it's an interesting start to the series. You don't really need any prior knowledge of the characters to follow this.

It's trying very hard to be different, and largely succeeds at that - but it's definitely an odd start for a comic set in the superhero style.

Not for all tastes, but intriguing.

Grade: B-


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