Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Avengers #13

Once again, writer Jonathan Hickman throws the reader a curve.

After exploring some mind-stretching cosmic concepts and clever science fiction angles, with this issue of The Avengers we get a straightforward superhero adventure.

Set in the Savage Land, it features a classic kidnap-and-rescue adventure, as the High Evolutionary captures a group of young people who represent a new kind of life form.

That seems like a questionable move, since the children are being protected by a group of Avengers, including Thor and Hyperion. But HE has a big guard dog on his side.

It's a fun, slam-bang tale (almost a done-in-one issue, though it also works as part of the bigger story) - an antidote, perhaps, to those who don't care for the deeper story lines Hickman has been crafting. (By the way, Nick Spencer gets co-writing credit on this issue.)

Do I even need to mention how amazing Mike Deodato's art is? He's really at the top of his game here.

Yet another excellent issue in the latest version of The Avengers - it's one of Marvel's best.

Grade: A


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