Monday, June 10, 2013

All-New X-Men #12

See that cover?

It's a lie.

The scene depicted never happens in this issue, although we do get a reunion of sorts between Havok (Alex Summers) and his brother, the "taken through time to the present from early in his career" Cyclops (Scott Summers).

Havok is now the leader of the Uncanny Avengers and that team confronts the All-New X-Men over a rash of robberies that the original team seems to have committed.

There is conflict, of course, but it happens in an unexpected way (and I won't spoil it for you). The big question is, what game is Mystique playing and why is she framing the original team?

It's all a good excuse for writer Brian Michael Bendis to do the kind of give-and-take dialogue that crackles nicely.

The art is outstanding as alway - Stuart Immonen is a terrific craftsman, and doing great work on this series.

We seem to be a long way from resolving the reasons behind bringing the original team to the more murky present, but so far, it's been a fun ride, with something for fans both new and old.

Even if the cover is a phony.

Grade: A-


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