Monday, May 27, 2013

Jirni #2

I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying Aspen's new series Jirni.

It's the old danger of judging a book by its covers - most of which feature a beautiful warrior woman wearing the tiniest of costumes and wielding a sword. (This cover is surprising in that the sexy woman is quite small.) It all looked like a "She-Hulk with a sword" series.

But instead, it's more in the style of "Conan" (with some Arabian Nights thrown in). Granted, it's a very curvy Conan.

The story follows Princess Ara - she's on a quest to rescue her mother, who's been kidnapped by a powerful sorcerer. The princess discovers that she can transform into a powerful, purple-skinned warrior woman, and travels in search of her mother.

Her search has led her to one rescue mission, saving a young woman, Nylese, who now travels with Ara (so perhaps it's more of a Xena / Gabrielle type story), and in this issue she encounters a village that's suffered a terrible loss - and hides a more terrible secret.

It's a fast-paced adventure, with lots of action and a (mostly) done-in-one issue by writer J.T. Krul. The art by Paolo Pantalena is quite good, with lots of over-the-top action, beautiful women and powerful layouts.

There is plenty of cheesecake-type art on display, but you actually get an entertaining story, characters and an interesting setup behind the series.

Well worth checking out!

Grade: B+


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