Sunday, May 26, 2013

Daredevil #26

Daredevil has proven to be a difficult comic to review over the last two years - because it's always great!

You'd think Mark Waid and Chris Smanee would slip up occasionally, but there hasn't been a clunker yet.

The tension runs especially high in this issue as Daredevil finds himself fighting Ikari, an opponent he can't defeat - a killer with the same powers as our hero.

But in addition to DD's fight for his life, we also discover the mastermind who's been behind the attacks and tragedies that have propelled the story forward since the first issue by Waid!

Perfectly complementing the excellent story is the outstanding artwork of Samnee. His dramatic layouts, stunning use of blacks and amazing sense of storytelling makes this issue something special. He really is one of the best in the business right now.

Do I need to say more? This series boasts a top-notch creative team doing outstanding work.

You really should be reading this comic!

Grade: A


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Anonymous said...

Some of the best art in the business. Waid is on his "A" game with this one.