Friday, May 3, 2013

Aquaman #19

There's a rhythm to Geoff Johns' Aquaman series.

There's a setup issue that puts the pieces in place, and then the story kicks into gear over the next several issues, building up to the final confrontation.

All of which is to say, welcome to the setup issue.

Thankfully, it's also loaded with lots of neat bits of business, including the unexpected appearance of an old friend, the introduction of some new players, a new King arises, some new plots hatch and more than one mysterious figure is introduced (sorry to be so vague, but any more information would give away too many treats).

Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons provide some strong artwork that captures the undersea environment and keeps the story moving briskly.

Really, what Johns has done with this comic is nothing short of amazing. He's taken a character who has (unfairly) been the butt of jokes, and made him the star of one of (if not the) best comics in the "New 52."

Grade: B+


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