Thursday, May 2, 2013

Age of Ultron #7

Well, this mini-series has moved into unexpected territory - though that's not necessarily a good thing.

The Age of Ultron story has been building for years, and now that it's here, it somehow has become.... House of M. (Both are written by Brian Michael Bendis, so at least he's cribbing from his own work. Sorta.)

In other words, reality has somehow become jumbled, with characters and reality transformed into... something else.

It's obvious that there has to be some kind of "reality reboot / reset" at the end of this series, because Ultron has caused too much damage and too many deaths for the result to be otherwise - and this issue just ramps up the "things are messed up" quotient.

It's a result of time-travel, as one team went into the future to confront Ultron, and another went into the past on a darker mission. Don't they know how those things always turn out?

The art is tag-teamed by Brandon Peterson (the story from the past) and Carlos Pacheco (the present day story) with Roger Martinez inking. The art is good, although it feels a bit rushed.

I know, time travel complications are a time-honored tradition in comics (and Star Trek episodes) - but it's going to take a heck of a finale to tie this up - or use it as a launch pad for future stories.

It's still possible of course.

Grade: B


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