Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Classics - Incredible Hulk #128

This is the issue I was planning to review today (see the "No New Comics" post for more info) - but I'm on the road, so this will have to be a quick one.

The fact is, I always liked the "dumb" Hulk who was so prevalent during the first decade (or two) of his existence.

It made the character stand out from his alter ego as scientist Bruce Banner (who was all brain and no strength), and it softened the Hulk's character, making him more sympathetic (like a child who was lost, as opposed to being a simple force of destruction). It even added some humor potential, as his style of speaking and interpreting the world could be fun (something The Avengers movie touched on oh-so-briefly).

The problem with the Hulk was coming up with worthwhile opponents. Here writer Roy Thomas (who penned many classic Hulk adventures) brings in a number of Avengers, though he notably doesn't include the team's usual powerhouses - so no Thor or Iron Man.

But through solid writing the issue manages to be entertaining and showcases the members of the team as they take on the toughest character in Marvel's Universe.

Credit goes to Herb Trimpe, too - here providing both pencils and inks - his style was perfectly matched to the Hulk's larger-than-life adventures. A pose or two may be a bit off, but his storytelling skills were outstanding, and the story hurtles along at top speed, and is a heck of a lot of fun.

I understand why they've changed the Hulk over the years, as a way to keep the character fresh - but there should also be room for this version, too.

Grade: B+



Glen Davis said...

The Hulk wasn't all that dumb in the first couple of years of the series. That came a bit later.

Chuck said...

Good point, Glen. The first Hulk was more brutish and somewhat clever - not stupid at all. The "dumb" Hulk didn't show up until his "Tales to Astonish" days.