Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Classics - Incredible Hulk #124

This issue of The Incredible Hulk touches on something that wasn't really explained until recent years - namely, how it is that the Hulk isn't a mass murderer.

This issue actually features the wedding of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross - this following Bruce getting the ability to control his transformation into the big green monster and able to keep his normal intellect, all thanks to some help from Reed Richards.

As a result of the happy turn of events, Bruce and Betty decide to get married - but of course, there are problems on the way, as The Leader and a powered-up Rhino plot their revenge.

As a result, the (angry and dim) Hulk makes a return appearance, as the Leader plots to separate him from the influence of Banner, in hopes that he will become angry enough to kill Banner's loved ones, including Betty.

As a result of that plot and a subsequent battle with the Rhino, the Hulk does manage to destroy a beautiful old home, but no innocents are injured.

The implication by writer Roy Thomas is that Banner's subconscious influence keeps the Hulk from using his destructive antics to kill anyone - and that's an idea that writer Greg Pak would expand on during his more recent run on the title.

I also wanted to mention the usual excellent art by Herb Trimpe, here inked by the incredible Sal Buscema, to give the work a more sleek and streamlined look.

Some might think it's silly that the Hulk is constantly destroying buildings and vehicles (among many other things) without racking up a huge body count - but hey, he's supposed to be a kid-friendly (anti) hero, so they had to keep him on the side of the angels - even if the explanation was a bit on the thin side.

Grade: B+


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