Saturday, April 6, 2013

Green Lantern #19

While I'm certainly sorry to see writer Geoff Johns wrapping up his run on Green Lantern, I have to admit that the series has been suffering "event overload."

That's probably because the last two cosmic storylines seemed to pile on top of each other while the story hopped around between all the Green Lantern Family titles - and I don't buy those other titles (because you can't buy everything - well, unless you have a lot of money to spare).

Also, the stories have all been big, cosmic affairs, with battles raging across the galaxies. As a result, we've had very little time with Hal Jordan. He's become a secondary character in his own title, and that's true here, as the focus is on Sinestro and the horrors he faces at the hands of the First Lantern.

I do enjoy the fact that the "First Lantern's" name is Volthoom - that's a nod to a classic Silver Age bit of trivia - but otherwise the character is just another crazy cosmic powerhouse who exists to torment our protagonists.

Add to that the fact that Hal Jordan is stuck in a Death Dimension and you have a depressing story that can't wrap up soon enough for me.

Johns has created some amazing stories during his run on this series - but I'm hoping, in the aftermath of al this cosmic carnage, we'll see more focus on Hal Jordan for a while - and less of the universe-shaking threats.

Grade: B+



El Vox said...

John Waters, the director, said before he got famous, his idea of being rich was to walk into any bookstore and pick up any hardback book he wanted. I think my idea would be similar, except that would be comic books.

Chuck said...

I agree with both of you!