Monday, March 4, 2013

Uncanny X-Men #2

Chris Bachalo is such an interesting artist, and his art runs the range between wonderful and inventive to confusing and muddled.

For example, the opening to this issue of Uncanny X-Men features a woman deep in thought. The problem being, I had no idea who she was. (That's her on the cover.)

She looks young, so I thought it might be Magik. The body language seemed to mark her as Rogue - but the hair color was wrong. She's showing quite a bit of cleavage, but she's dressed all in black. Could it be Emma Frost?

That was the correct answer - but I didn't know until I waded through the stacks of thought balloons (actually captions - I think thought balloons are an endangered species).

It shouldn't be such a battle to figure out who the characters are - but maybe it's just me. (Magneto - without his helmet - also look just like Professor X, by the way.) Perhaps it's because of the army of inkers working on the comic - there's some inconsistency there.

At any rate, the issue, written by Brian Bendis, is mostly about organizing matters - the new Xavier School for Mutants (now located in a secret base), the new students who have been recruited, and a traitor in the midst of the new team.

It's not a bad issue (aside from my silly art complaints), but nothing really happens until the last page - so you might just want to wait for the next issue, when all heck promises to break loose.

Grade: B-


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