Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Joe Kubert Presents # 5 (of 6)

There's always been a debate about Sgt. Rock - namely, is he still alive?

The answer, some years back, was "yes" - because the modern day, older Rock appeared in issues of Brave and the Bold, starring alongside Batman.

But that didn't sit well with many Rock fans - and it didn't really work for the creators of the Sarge, either.

Created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Joe Kubert, the prevailing feeling was that Sgt. Rock should have died at the end of the war, shot down by the last bullet fired before peace was declared.

Kubert actually drew that sequence for the recent Legacies series, but with this issue he draws a question mark over the story, as he works with writer Paul Levitz to create a different take on Rock, in a moving and thoughtful short story set at Normandy Beach.

This issue of Joe Kubert Presents includes an excellent feature by Sam Glanzman, hitting the key moments from the war in the Pacific during World War II.

Throw in a short horror tale called "The Biker," a short ocean adventure with "Spit" (both by Kubert) and an origin (of sorts) for Angel and the Ape by Brian Buniak, and you have yet another excellent issue.

This series is wrapping up altogether too quickly. Kubert's work is phenomenal, loaded with life and energy and amazing creativity.

I still find it impossible to realize that he's gone - he still seems like a force of nature.

Lots of that power, thankfully, is still on display here.

Grade: A-


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