Thursday, January 3, 2013

The New Avengers #1

Jonathan Hickman set the bar high with his first two issues of the new version of The Avengers - but I believe this issue of his New Avengers is even better.

Where The Avengers is all about a big team of heroes handling a big menace, here the focus is smaller, more personal - but just as cosmic.

The beginning centers on one of my longtime favorites, the Black Panther, as he explores a mysterious anomaly in Wakanda, and finds himself facing a formidable menace on another world.

How formidable? He's forced to turn for help from a group of the world's greatest heroes - even though that he doesn't exactly see eye-to-eye with them.

It's a science fiction-based story that's smart, touching and loaded with mystery.

It doesn't hurt that the art is by Hickman's co-creator on quite a few classic Fantastic Four issues - and Steve Epting turns in wonderful work here, ranging from dynamic action sequences to quiet moments of humanity.

So, an impressive start to this latest chapter in the Avengers family adventures.

You really should be buying this comic!

Grade: A


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