Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Comics for a New Year

At the comics shop today they tried to talk me into buying My Little Pony, but I passed.

Instead, I got:

- New Avengers #1 - Hickman, the Black Panther and the Illuminati? Sold.

- The Flash #15 - Defeated?

- Hellboy in Hell #2 - Not a nice place.

- Iron Man #5 - The next step.

- Joe Kubert Presents #3 (of 6) - Amazing stuff.

- Manhattan Projects #8 - Strange science.

- Mars Attacks Popeye (one-shot) - My money's on the sailor.

- Road to Oz #4 (of 6) - Love this series.

- All-New X-Men #5 - The past meets the present.

And that's it!


Hoy Murphy said...

You should have bought My Little Pony. It's kind of like Carl Barks with ponies.

Chuck said...

Really? I am a fan of the Barks. Perhaps I'm all wrong on this? But with only boys in my house (now grown), I never encountered "My Little Ponies," so I figured it wasn't aimed at me.

Anonymous said...

I bought it proudly! For my granddaughter.

Glen Davis said...

Did the Shadow Special come n fo you?

Chuck said...

Glen, not yet - hopefully by next week. I'm assuming the holidays made things a bit crazy.