Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guest Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #2

Just in time for the holiday, my pal Glen Davis is here with a guest review about a new comic featuring the world's greatest detective:

Sherlock Holmes is a classic character who never goes out of style. Created during the Victorian era, the character is still featured in at least two television shows, and a very successful movie franchise.

This comic book take on the character is set in 1888. After stopping a Victorian-era identity thief and murderer, Holmes and Watson are approached by a former schoolmate of Watson's. It seems that a syndicate with the goal of introducing the elevated railway to England is meeting with some difficulties Meanwhile, some thugs are roaming the streets, and Spring Heeled Jack is making his presence known.

The writing is pretty good, complete with the displays of rationication all Holmesians hold dear, the foggy, gaslit streets, and all the portrayal of 19th Century London that make Holmes, well, Holmes, are present.

Unfortunately, the art is inconsistent, and that serves to handicap the whole project. Several characters, including Holmes himself, change features from panel to panel.

Hopefully the writing continues to be topnotch, and the art improves.

Grade: B-

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