Friday, December 21, 2012

Avengers #2

What comics do really well (when they're done well) is set up what seems to be an impossible situation for heroes to overcome.

The fun, then, is seeing how they prevail.

And that's exactly where we find The Avengers. In their first issue under writer Jonathan Hickman, they gathered their "A" team and traveled to Mars to face a cosmic threat - and promptly lost.

Only Captain America escaped back to the Earth, where he implements the emergency plan he had worked out with Tony Stark to "grow" the team (which is a bit of a trick, since the Avengers already has a big roster).

In this issue we learn a bit more about the menace and the terrifying effects of its attack on our planet.

It's an intelligent, measured tale that continues to build on Hickman's complex story - and uses a clever graphic at the heart of the expansion.

The art by Jerome Opena is compelling, while unlike most traditional comic book art.

This one is building nicely, and the opponent seems impossible to defeat. Who could ask for more?

The next issue can't arrive soon enough.

Grade: A-


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