Sunday, November 4, 2012

Joe Kubert Presents #1 (of 6)

It's terribly sad that the legendary artist, editor and writer whose name is in the title isn't around to see the series Joe Kubert Presents in print (he passed away a couple of months ago).

He obviously had a lot of enthusiasm for it. This issue includes four stories - two by Kubert and two by some of his favorite creators.

The issue kicks off with a stunning Hawkman story, a 21-page "stand alone" tale that doesn't fall into continuity. If actually feels like a cross between a Tarzan tale and a Hawkman adventure.

The writing is a bit shaky - it indicates that Hawkman's homeworld is in our galaxy (though how this is possible isn't really explained). Hawkman and Hawkwoman (Katar Hall and Shayera) are dispatched to investigate the Earth. They land in a primitive part of Africa and have a brief adventure trying to save a tribe from a poisonous threat.

It's all very slim, but my, what stunning art!

The second story stars the Angel and the Ape, a detective team of a beautiful woman and, well, a Gorilla. It's all very silly and funny with some excellent comic art by Brian Bruniak. Lightweight, but funny.

There's a short story called Spit by Kubert that appears to have been reproduced from his pencils. Stunning work here, as he starts the tale of a boy who seeks to survive poverty by going to work on a ship.

The final tale is a short but grim return to the World War II experience of life on the U.S.S. Stevens, as written and drawn by Sam Glanzman.

It's a grim tale, but an important one.

A very strong showing for the first issue, and it's worth it just to see Kubert back drawing Hawkman again - after all, he drew the Silver Age version's first appearances.

Sad that we've lost Kubert, but great that he still has the ability to move and surprise us. I can't wait to see the rest of the issues in this series!

Grade: A



Billy Hogan said...

Joe Kubert also drew the golden age version of Hawkman.

Chuck said...

Billy, good catch - I believe it was one of his first assignments when he started in comics!