Monday, November 5, 2012

AvX: Consequences #4

While I (mostly) enjoyed the whole Avengers vs. X-Men series, I find that I don't care much for the AvX: Consequences series that seems intended to wrap up the loose ends left behind.

That's because none of it is particularly believable.

Cyclops, who had been possessed by the Phoenix, is in prison because of his actions during that time. Really, Avengers? None of you has been possessed by the bad guys, forced to do something against your will?

And you're trying to hunt down the other members of the Phoenix Five? Treating them like criminals, too?

Even worse, the prison the heroes put Cyclops in puts his life in danger. Would Captain America really allow that? Would Iron Man? Would even Wolverine?

Like I said, it's just very difficult to accept.

The art by Mark Brooks is solid, though he doesn't get to draw much in the way of action scenes - it's mostly lots of talking heads, as characters stand around and talk interminably.

Which is another problem with the series.

It's best not to expect too much out of these "follow-up to events" comics, but this one is weaker than most.

Grade: C+


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