Saturday, October 20, 2012

Justice League #13

As always, the problem with a team comprised of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe is coming up with an opponent who can stand up against them.

I'm not so sure that writer Geoff Johns manages that in this issue of Justice League, but this issue is focused more on setting up the latest adventure, which centers around a new version of Wonder Woman's villain, the Cheetah.

It's a way of addressing the question: why doesn't the League work together all the time? The answer, of course, is because they can sell more comics that way - or, if you prefer, they can tell other, more interesting stories with different characters - and the League members aren't exactly joined at the hip.

At any rate, it's a fast-paced story that's part personal discussion (let's not forget that kiss between WW and Superman) and part action sequence as the members of the League take on an amped-up Cheetah.

The art this time is by Tony Daniels, and it's quite good, especially in the frenetic action sequences. His art can get a little too busy in places, but that's a very minor complaint about a very talented artist.

Not a bad issue at all, with a good cliffhanger ending - but I was expecting a more worthy menace. But it's too early to judge - this one still has time to grow.

Grade: B+


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