Saturday, October 20, 2012

Guest Review: Honey West #7

Glen Davis is back with a couple of guest reviews - the first one is based on a TV show that stars a beloved character:

I was very surprised that Moonstone Comics picked up the license for Honey West.

I thought she was all but forgotten, and that private eye series were out of style. Still, Moonstone has seen success with the foxy private eye.

Created by GG Fickling, the husband and wife team of Gloria and Forest Fickling, West debuted in the novel This Girl For Hire. The character appeared in an episode of Burke's Law, and was given her own series starring the toothsome Anne Francis.

The television version and the book version were very different, as in the books West was always losing her clothes, and was a bit of a bimbo, while she was a high tech PI on television.

In this issue, a done-in-one story, Honey investigates the death of a beauty contestant. It's a lot like watching a 30-minute mystery TV show as several suspects are introduced and dismissed in short order before Honey learns whodunnit.

The mystery is pretty decent, but the art, especially the depictions of Bruce, Honey's pet ocelot, is a little rocky in some places. Still, the creators seemed enthusiastic, and I was entertained.

Grade: B+

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