Monday, October 15, 2012

Fantastic Four #611

We pause now to pay our respects to the Fantastic Four comic, Marvel's flagship title that ushered the company into the Silver Age, on the occasion of this, its final issue.

What's that? But it says "Final Issue," right there on the cover under "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine."

Yeah, I know. This is only the final issue of the original numbering for this title - it reboots next month under the "Marvel Now" banner with a new creative team and a new first issue.

So this is the final issue from writer Jonathan Hickman, who has done an amazing job crafting a new course for this title while using many of the classic characters, creating truly cosmic events and yet keeping the focus on the family at the heart of the title.

For the past several issues he's been wrapping up some of the loose ends still dangling from the multiple stories he's been weaving - and for this issue, that means bringing back the wait-wasn't-he-killed-just-a-few-issues-back Dr. Doom.

This would be a tough issue for a new reader to pick up, as it resolves several gnarly plot points and takes Doom to a new universe (no, not "the" New Universe) where he's free to create... well, everything.

It's a different kind of trap, and one that only Doom's greatest foe can unlock.

I'm sorry to see Hickman end his run on this series - his scripts have been challenging, intelligent and often touching. Some might complain that they were too complex, but you'll never hear me gripe about a comic that makes me think - and requires the reader to actually pay attention.

He's added a number of new characters and new settings to the series, and reinvigorated some old characters - his stories should reverberate through the title for years to come.

What better legacy could a writer ask for?

Grade: A-


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