Sunday, October 14, 2012

Executive Assistant Assassins #4

Another day, another comic that stars a scantily-clad female warrior. (The reviewer's life can be challenging, he said tongue-in-cheekily.)

But the Executive Assistant Assassin stories can be a bit challenging ethically.

They're a guilty pleasure, based on the idea of beautiful women who are trained from birth to be the ultimate business associate, capable of defending their clients from attack - which usually involves lots of death and destruction, of course.

All of which would be fine, except the Assistants (as near as I can tell) don't have much choice about their profession - they're part of the program from birth, and their avocation could easily be viewed as a kind of prostitution.

So it's all in how you look at it. The latest issue focuses on "Executive Assistant" Sophora, who is hired to be - of all things - a pirate.

Her life is complicated by the fact that she's in love with a pirate - something her master is not likely to appreciate. And her loyalty wavers when she's forced to commit ruthless acts against innocent victims. But will her training trump her ethics?

It's a solid story by Vince Hernandez, with strong, sexy art by Lori "Cross" Hanson and Jonathan Bolerjack, with lots of action and good girl art on display.

So your enjoyment depends on your take (action bonanza or exploited female?) - but it's a well-crafted comic that you'll enjoy.

Unless you don't.

Grade: B-


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