Friday, September 21, 2012

Spider-Men #5 (of 5)

With most mini-series, you can't really make a final judgment until the final issue.

So it turns out that Spider-Men is quite good.

The story manages to bring together the "real" Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the Ultimate version (Miles Morales) in a story that gives them both stuff to do, some nifty action sequences and a surprisingly touching sequence where Peter sees a world where he's recognized as a hero - and his secret identity is known to the world.

And he actually makes a connection with Miles, who shares powers and a sharp sense of humor.

This issue brings the two (and the Ultimates) up against Mysterio, who uses a dimensional portal to jump back and forth between worlds.

The final sequence offers a funny exchange as Peter tries to share some wisdom with Miles. That's always one of the strengths of any book written by Brian Bendis - funny, crisp dialogue that breathes life into the characters.

The art is by Sara Pichelli, and it's excellent. Fresh and lively, with vivid scenes of destruction, great character designs and strong layouts, it's a good fit for a Spider-Man story.

I'm not crazy about the ending, which teases something that may never be discussed again - but if it's a setup for another crossover, it'll work.

If not, then it's just mean.

Still, outside of that, it's a good series and worth tracking down.

Grade: A-


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Anonymous said...

This mini actually brought tears to my eyes in the last two issues. Well done!