Thursday, September 20, 2012

Justice League #0

I really think someone neglected to explain the idea behind the DC "Zero" issues to writer Geoff Johns.

For every other book, the event is being used to look back to the history of the title characters before the first issue (see this month's Wonder Woman for an excellent example).

But if that's the idea, this issue of Justice League has two strikes against it: first of all, there's no Justice League in it - it focuses on Captain Mar... excuse me, Shazam (snort). Second of all, it picks up the story of Billy Batson right where it left off a few issues back as a backup feature in JL.

I'll grant that it offers something of an origin for The Big Red Cheese, but if it's a flashback, it's a well concealed one.

All that aside, the art by Gary Franks is a real treat, with some neat designs for the Rock of Eternity (and its contents), and excellent character depictions. I have to say, though, that I don't care for the redesign of ... Shazam's ... costume. The long cape, the hood, the crazy belt - just doesn't feel right, but I admit to being "old school" on this topic.

So we get the basic origin, and a new and more realistic version of Billy Batson. Whether it's a better version remains to be seen.

Not a bad issue, but one that will not be a favorite for longtime fans of the original character.

Like me.

Grade: B-


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