Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dead Man's Run #3

As I've written in past reviews, I'm generally on board with this kind of "what happens after you die" story.

And I enjoyed the first two issues in Dead Man's Run, as they offered a look at the grim existence in hell.

A young man, Sam Tinker, who has a genius for maps, plots an escape and recruits a offbeat group of murderers to make a run at it.

Along the way they face monsters, demons and destruction - but the story seems to be unraveling because of the old problem with magic-based stories: since there are no rules, anything can happen - even if it doesn't make much sense.

So we have the Warden (who's fond of chains) trying an escape of her own for vague reasons, monsters that seem indestructible until they aren't, an innocent guy in prison who shows he's not all that innocent, and a complete lack of sympathetic characters (except for a sister who's never seen).

The art by Tony Parker is good, though liberally sprinkled with gore and grisly moments.

With a lack of sympathetic characters and a muddled story, this series seems to be fading fast.

Hopefully next issue can get this race back on track.

Grade: C+


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