Monday, July 30, 2012

Trio #3

OK, I'm pretty sure writer / artist John Byrne is messing with us.

The third issue of Trio continues to echo some well-known notes from comic history: the cover is a take on one of Byrne's X-Men covers; it features a Galactus-type menace; the Namor-like Nautilus plays a pivotal role; and the team itself seems just one member off from being a fantastic foursome.

None of that is to take away from the entertainment value of the comic, as the Trio prepare to fight against an attack by Nautilus and his leviathan, only to face an even bigger threat (literally) in the form of an alien ship that may destroy the planet.

The story's a lot of fun as events play out on a big, science fiction-themed stage. The art is quite good - Byrne never delivers any less than top-notch work - and he gets to cover a lot of ground here.

Despite (or because of) its well-trod origins, this is a comic that longtime fans will enjoy. It's Byrne working in a format he knows well, and he delivers the goods.

It's a fun, Marvel-sized adventure and well worth tracking down.

Grade: A-


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