Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Captain America #15

Sad to hear that writer Ed Brubaker is nearing the end of his run on Captain America - he's been turning in consistently outstanding work for years now.

His final storyline begins here, as Cap and his allies face off against a terrorist organization led by the new and deadly Hydra Queen, her ally Bravo (and old opponent for Cap) and Baron Zemo.

They have Cap on the ropes after pitting him in a deadly match against an old ally - and now he has to face a murderous army of new and powerful enemies.

It's a dark story as it sets up the final confrontation between SHIELD and Hydra - and an overwhelming challenge for Cap.

The art is by Scot Eaton and Rick Magyar, and it's quite good - dynamic and gutsy, with some gripping action sequences.

Completely off the topic, I'm glad to see Cap getting such great treatment lately - starring in an excellent film of his own, then starring in one of the biggest movies of all time (The Avengers) - and getting first-class treatment in his own title, thanks to Brubaker's outstanding guidance.

I've been a fan since Cap was reintroduced in the Silver Age, and I couldn't be happier!

Grade: A-


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