Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soulfire - Grace #1

The five-issue Soulfire miniseries has offered a look at the five masters of Samusara.

Each issue has focused on a different character (like this issue's Grace) or ability of each master (Hope, Despair, Faith and Power).

The focus has been on the powerful figure named Malikai - a pivotal figure in the new world of magic. The five have been searching for him, and here they pool their resources to solve the mystery - which involves a deadly battle and a visit to a frightening locale.

The story is by J.T. Krul, and it's pretty straightforward, wrapping up the story threads from the previous series and setting up the next big event.

The art is by Pasquale Qualano, and it's quite good, with sexy heroines, nasty creatures and mystic settings.

My only complaint is that it all wraps up rather abruptly - but that final page certainly whets the appetite for the next story.

Grade: B+


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