Monday, July 23, 2012

Daredevil #15

For over a year now, the creative team on Daredevil has been doing consistently excellent work.

For proof, look no further than the recent Eisner Awards, where the Man Without Fear walked away with three awards: Best Continuing Series, Best Single Issue for Daredevil #7, and Best Writer to Mark Waid.

And there's a reason for all this: it's one of the best comics being published today.

It's a simple combination. Great characters, original stories, excellent artwork, clever solutions to difficult challenges, and a healthy dose of humor.

Daredevil has faced overpowering opponents, five crime cartels at once, solved grisly crimes and seduced beautiful women (though not all in the same issue).

But in this issue he may finally face defeat. Last issue he was spirited away to Latveria, where an underling of Doctor Doom's performed an experiment that slowly destroyed his senses - including his radar sense.

Cut off from the world, how can Daredevil hope to survive, much less escape?

The answer lies in yet another clever tale from writer Mark Waid, loaded with surprising twists and turns.

The art is by Chris Samnee, and it's wonderful - he's quickly become one of my favorites, and this issue is loaded with clever visual styles, some dramatic confrontations and powerful layouts.

If you have any interest at all in superhero comics, you should be buying this one. The creative team puts on a clinic in each issue in how to do comics "right."

Grade: A


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