Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4

This is the second round of mini-adventures starring the Rocketeer, and while they've all been quite good - even exceptional - I'm glad to hear the next mini-series will be a single storyline (by Mark said and Chris Samnee, no less).

But give IDW credit - they went out with a killer lineup this time around.

It starts off with a story by Louise and Walter Simonson that takes Cliff (Rocketeer) Secord to the nation's capital for a fund-raising effort to support the troops and ends up in an aerial dogfight. As you'd expect from the creative team, it's high-energy and lots of fun.

The second story is the wildest of the bunch as writer Dave Mandel and artist J Bone tell the story of "Cliff Secord, Warlord of Blargon." It's a terrific takeoff on the whole John Carter concept (and is kinder than most reviews of the fine big-budget film that I recommend). It's very funny and has a great punch line.

The last story is by writer / artist John Byrne - it's loaded with terrific art, a fun story and some nifty action sequences. Its only fault is that the story is almost identical to the one by the Simonsons. (Proof that great minds think alike, I suppose.)

But that's just the most minor of complaints - it's wonderful to see so many talented creators giving their time and efforts to continuing the character created by Dave Stevens.

Long may he reign!

Grade: A


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